Capital Alliance Solutions
Your trusted partner for collections, verifications, and administrative services.
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What we believe in
"You need to collect delinquent debts, your customers need to be treated with respect, we need to exceed your goals and expectations."

We believe that in balancing these needs - we all win.

Who we are

Capital Alliance Solutions was envisioned to do collections in a better way. A company that could not only grow in revenue, but help those affected by debt.

Capital Alliance Solutions is trusted by our private corporate partners as well as the United States Government to do what’s right, get the monies owed, and satisfy the consumer while doing it.

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What we do

We are experts in creating efficient processes to achieve revenue goals.  We do this with a mix of both people and technology.

Our people are recruited and trained to work effectively.  They are all extensively vetted for personal background as well as filtered using state of the art techniques to ensure they are not only a perfect fit for the client accounts they service, but also for the larger culture at CAS.

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More than just a Blog

CAS News and Views

You Are Who You Hire
Aug 3, 2020

CAS strives to hire the best people to support our goals of becoming the best we can be. Read on to discover some of the factors that go into our process.

Grow your business.
Becoming a best-in-class receivables recovery company requires a significant amount of administrative development and expertise.  Navigating the waters of government contracting and compliance takes it all to the next level.  As a partner, Capital Alliance Solutions is happy to share what we have learned and offer it as a service.
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