You Are Who You Hire

August 3, 2020

Steve Jobs famously said that “A” companies hire “A” players and “B” companies hire “B” and “C” players.  This holds true in many ways.

For a company to find its fullest potential, it has to find the best people.  However, best is not a universal quality.  Being best at one company is not a transferable given.  Therefore each company has to be self-aware enough to realize what best really means.

At CAS, we’ve spent a lot of thought on the concept of what is best.  We’ve tailored our process to finding talent that we think will make us all better than we were.

The first key component is finding good alignment between what we do, who we are, and who the candidate is.  If one of those factors is out of tune, we can’t move in a unified direction.  Regardless of qualifications or other qualities, if a candidate doesn’t resonate with who we are and what we do, it won’t be a productive fit for anyone involved.

Presuming we have alignment, we have to look at cultural fit.  CAS is collaborative and we work together closely on a variety of ordinary and extraordinary challenges each day.  This requires someone who can both integrate into current culture as well as lend their own voice in a conducive way to move us forward toward even better outcomes.

While this all seems like a fluffy approach that is highly subjective, we are very serious about quantifying the facets of prospective candidates.  We strive to ensure every candidate is given an equal opportunity to not only be hired but thrive within the company without inherent biases or specific preferences.

To accomplish this, we examine eleven factors that we believe indicate the best prediction of success:

 - Passionate

 - Confident

 - Team-Focused

 - Reliable

 - Prepared

 - Organized

 - Self-Disciplined

 - Flexible

 - Socially Intelligent

 - Emotionally Intelligent

 - Good Communicator

In coming blog posts, we will delve into each of these items in-depth and discuss why they are important as well as how we go about obtaining meaning from them.  Check back soon!

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