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Importance of verification
Finding the right person at the right place is critical to ensuring a successful outcome for all parties.
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Tracking the Untrackable

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Getting information requires more than Google
Good, accurate, up-to-date information is the lifeblood of almost any business process.  When working with consumers who are in jeopardy of defaulting on debts or have become delinquent, this is paramount.  Having reliable information is the first step in working toward a beneficial rehabilitation.

Capital Alliance Solutions has built an entire division around the simply stated but operationally difficult task of obtaining this information.  We use state of the art systems and processes to locate the best information on our client’s consumers.

We go well beyond the typical accesses to various information brokers and have custom developed our own master data sources cultivated from numerous partners to ensure a timely and accurate return for data requests.

Contact us to explore ways in which we can:
·      Locate consumers, estates, next-of-kin, etc.,
·      Locate and validate employment and work locations, and
·      Identify Assets
Grow your business.
Becoming a best-in-class receivables recovery company requires a significant amount of administrative development and expertise.  Navigating the waters of government contracting and compliance takes it all to the next level.  As a partner, Capital Alliance Solutions is happy to share what we have learned and offer it as a service.
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